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People are always happy an excited in the begining with there new puppy, but after that a lot can change. Such as health issuses or puppies that don't turn out to look like the streched photoshopped pictures people have on thier websites. Don't be fooled, misled or taken advantage of. There's simply no need for it.

At NEGL we strive to keep our customers very happy. We do this by building a friendship with our customers and by standing behind all of our dogs. Just another reason why we have become a very sucessfull kennel.

We are in the process of DNA profiling all of our dogs, what you see is what you get.

We breed American Bullies / American Pitbull Terriers. Our breedings are carefully selected and are aimed to produce some of the finest bullies money can buy. Our primary bloodlines are Gotti Line and Razor's Edge.

Our breeding program is done very selectively and is designed to produce a complete package of excellent temperament, XL head size, wide chest, bone mass, density and ripped muscle tone.

Our bullies are low to the ground and compact, with extreme girth. Producing many colors especially blue. All deposits are non-refundable, but transferable to another breeding. No dogs are sold for illegal purposes.

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Gottiline Bully style pitbulls, bully puppies, stud service. American bullies, pitbull terriers.

Bully style pitbulls, bully puppies, stud service. American bullies, Gottiline

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