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I'm taking a minute to thank and express my gratitude to Jonathan Santos not only because Ii bought two dogs from him, one from Caponne x Bella and one from Capone x Jade. They have turned out to be incredible breeds and a great addition to my yard. The attention and the time Jonathan takes to show you how it works and that welcome he gives you does not match any price is a different level. I will recommend this great breeder and a true friend to anyone. Again thanks Jonathan for your friendship and these great dogs.

- Jose Vital, Extreme Caciques Gottiline Kennels Puerto Rico

I talked to Jonathan several years ago about breeding a female I had to Yates. Things didn't go as planned but I always told him one day I would be able to have some of his blood in my yard. We talked from time to time over the years and he was always so willing to share his knowledge and experiences. I learned alot from him. Then Mona's litter came along, she was his pick and I was ready to make a purchase. She is off of Max 2 and Gia. I was so happy. She is a healthy vibrant dog, not to mention incredibly good looking!! Not a moment of disappointment with her. My daughter now shows her at ABKC and BBCR shows and does wonderful with her. Thank you Jonathan for our wonderful baby!!

-Diane Hayden

I met Jonathan through a friend of ours. I wanted the best of the best and that's what I got. His name is Titus, off of Capone x Lil Kim and every time I see him running around my house and yard I get a big smile on my face. It feels good when you get what you pay for. Jonathan is on a different level with this business. He invited me to his kennel when we spoke on the phone and if you have the chance to go, I highly recommend it.

Jonathan was a professional the entire time. He had no problem taking his dogs out for me to check out their temperaments. For him, it wasn't about the money, he made sure I was satisfied with my choice and the well being of the pup, then we got down to business. As busy as he is, he's only a phone call away. Any questions I had from A-Z, he was there and to this day still is. He gave me tips and tricks to save a good amount of money on food and equipment as well. I mean, it doesn't get any better than that. The way I'm going to put it, is simple- There's Gotti Line and then there's Jonathan's Gotti Line. Through careful planning, selection and hard work he has honestly pushed this line to the max.

I'm so satisfied with my dog that I thank him every time I get a chance. I'm very proud to recommend him to anyone and also call him my friend! If your looking to get one of these amazing dogs your on the right website! He's a very humble guy for what he has accomplished so I'll just come out and say it, his kennel and honesty in this business, CRUSHES the competition. Thanks bro and God bless!

- Raul Gonzalez

"I met Jonathan about a year and a half ago. I was looking for a foundation female to breed with my male. I went down to check out his dogs and was blown away. He has the best dogs I have ever seen. I also had a chance over that time to see the kind of pups they produce. These dogs throw bigger and better each time, producing the next generation of freaks. I put down a deposit as soon as he told me he was breeding Yates to Mystique.

I just picked her up a couple of weeks ago and she is a neck breaker. She is wide, has thick bone and great top scull. She is also the color I am looking for to match my male. This pup has everything I wanted in a kennel foundation female. She has a killer pedigree from proven producers.

Jonathan is a professional from his dogs to his website to his kennels. He always kept me updated on the breeding and the pup. He also follows up with you after you take the dog home. He understands that it is his name on these pups and stands behind them. I would recommend to anyone who is in the market for a true stunning dog to look at New England Gotti Line kennels."

-David M

I just picked up my pup from Jonathan at New England Gotti Line kennels. 1'st pick male off of Yates and Maya. I first met Jonathan earlier this year when I was searching for quality American Bully. My search on the web led me to countless sites of apbt/kennels. But after days of research, I kept coming back to NEW ENGLAND GOTTILINE and Jonathan. He was very knowledgeable and professional from day one. Jonathan had me come to his kennels, I wanted a first pick male from his superstud Yates the instant I saw him in person, this dog is tremendous,a must see in person. Pictures and video don't do this dog justice, by far the best looking male bully that I have seen with my own eyes.

If you are looking for an American Bully with quality bloodline and excellent temperament ,I STRONGLY!!! recommend Jonathan and his kennel to you. I have a six year old daughter and a one year old son, I would never put them in harms way. I would feel comfortable with any one of NEGL's dogs around my children. I am very satisfied with my choice of kennel, my pick of pup and this whole experience...Thanks Jonathan and New England Gotti Line.

Keep in mind just like anything else, you get what you pay for.



I gave Jonathan a call to speak about available puppies he had, and he invited us up to come take a look at New England Gottiline Kennels in person. First off, his house, kennel and all his dogs were immaculate. We were impressed, and after seeing that, knew that Jonathan took his business very serious. Jonathan is a great guy and EXTREMELY passionate about his bullies. He schooled us completely on the Gotti line, and also gave us the lineage of every dog in his lineup. After listening to him talk about his bullies, we knew we couldn't go wrong.

All of his dogs were incredible looking. The size of Jonathan's bullies does not translate in photos. These dogs are incredibly thick and muscular, and all had huge, great shaped heads. We spent a few minutes talking about each dog in his line up, and all of them were very friendly, and had great temperaments overall. The way his bullies could move also really surprised us, since we didn't expect them to be as fast and agile as they were. We basically spent the entire day in awe, and after leaving, spent the next few hours talking about what we had seen, and how impressed we were. We left a deposit that day, knowing that we we were getting an incredible pup.

Anyone that is considering getting a Gotti bully, I urge you to visit Jonathan's kennels if you have the chance. It was a great experience. We ended up getting a blue/brindle male pup off of Capone and Jade, and couldn't be happier.

Thanks Jonathan!

Andrew & Stephanie

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