YATES (aka Mr. Olympia) Gotti Line Pitbull Male
DOB: 10/20/06
Out of One Drop x Queen Lunatic
Yates is a lethal package..straight and correct..A Mind Blowing Freak. 25" head, 17" tall, weighing in at 100 lbs. Yates has an extremely thick neck, with unbelievable bone mass and density.
This show stopper has extreme girth while still maintaining a short and compact frame.

Yates is the REAL DEAL and a must see in person.
Yates is both UKC and ABKC Registered
and is DNA profiled
STUD FEE is $2000
to approved bitches only.
No Pup back deals.
Frozen and Chilled Semen is available.
Call 508-965-3722 for more info.

This video is over 2 years old. New video coming soon. Wait till you see it, the boy has packed on some serious mass.

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Pictured 1-29-2010

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